1. Play is what makes children be their true self or bring out their true personality. – Judith Olumeko
  2. Play is natural and defines who you are. -Nenfotmwa Goyol
  3. Play is an active activity a child engages in physically, mentally and psychologically. – Rejoice Goni
  4. Play is the work of children. It is what they are naturally best at. – Victoria Williams
  5. Play is the engagement in an activity for enjoyment and creation rather than a serious or practical purpose. It also takes them away from what they already know to what they want to explore. – Hazel Haruna
  6. Play in children/little adults is the exploration of their world in a pleasurable and entertaining way. – Anne Ikwue
  7. Play is an activity that helps children know themselves and the world they live in. – Anne Emiene
  8. Play is what children do willingly. – Kachollom Joseph
  9. Play is the universal language of childhood. – Lynda Gyang


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  10. Play is where children are alive and free to be themselves. – Blessing Bassey
  11. Play is an intentional activity that produces an enjoyable outcome. It allows the mind to wander, drift and permits the imagination to weave the most amazing pictures. Play is an adventure. – Adetola Ogueh
  12. Play is an activity that children engage in. during this time, they are in charge of what they do and what they choose to do in their own way. Nobody is telling them what t do and what is fun. – Maranatha Arikpo
  13. Play is what children enjoy doing. -Dora Fadeyi
  14. Play is any fun and enjoyable activity individuals engage in. – Iniobong Sam
  15. Play helps children to relax around you, and helps them to learn faster. – Rebecca Ihendu

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