School Health Services

We organize both in-house and general trainings, workshops and mini conferences and conferences.

It is true that it takes an entire community to raise a child. However, there are two sectors that are most important in ensuring that children reach their full potentials and become whole- Health and Education.

To achieve this, it is important to combine the efforts of these sectors through a School Health Service. Integrating health promotion and the concept of wellness into all aspects of the school community improves physical, mental and socio-emotional well-being as well as the outcomes of student learning.

There are more evidence-based reasons why a School Health Service is necessary:

  • There‚Äôs increased stress and time pressure on children and their families

  • Healthier children perform better academically

  • Children and youth who are healthier stay in school longer, learn more effectively and be less susceptible to chronic diseases.

  • Families that are knowledgeable about health and wellness activities are able to encourage their students to make healthy decisions and pursue active lifestyles.
A quality School Health Service plays a vital role in creating healthy environments for children to flourish. Schools provide opportunities to identify students with health risk, learning disabilities/disorders and psychosocial issues (some of which may not be identified in the home setting).
Cluster4Kidz School Health Services:
  • Provides continuing education/awareness programs pertinent to school health

  • Provides and recommends diagnostic and intervention services for learning disabilities/difficulties

  • Provides wellness services for children, their families and caregivers (medical checks, immunization and non-emergency cases)
Cluster4kidz School Health Services is under the direction of Dr Sanusi Gidado (Consultant Physician).


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