Skills Acquisition for Children

According to Forbes (The Ten Qualities of Outstanding Employees. Aug 20, 2017),

“Outstanding employees don’t rest on the educational credentials, job title or honors bestowed on them. They are open to new ideas no matter who suggests them. They share their own thoughts, not the conventional wisdom they’re been taught by other people. They don’t brag about themselves- that is a sign of fear”.

If we concentrate so much on educational qualities and neglect skills needed to have success in life, we will fail to prepare children for life. Education keeps changing. When some of us were growing up, computers were not as relevant as they are now. In 20 or 50 years, they may move on to some more complicated technology.

Children need relevant skills in our ever-changing world. Can they learn these skills in formal settings or lecture-type settings? Even for adults, skills are acquired by doing, by experience, by using our senses. The brain makes connections through experiences. How can children use their senses and gain experience? Through play of course.

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