Did you Know?

Play stimulates development of the cerebellum, which coordinates movement, and the frontal lobe, which regulates decision-making and impulse control. This is essential to the growing brain.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) states as its basic principles that children are born with the same fundamental set of rights as all humans, with a number of additional rights due to their vulnerability.
This document contains a total of 54 articles which were formally adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1989.

Article 31 of the UNCRC formally enshrines the child’s right to PLAY and the right to engage in other recreational activities including participation in Cultural activities and the Arts.

How well have you defended the rights of the child in your care?

Play and Brain Development will be one of the highlights of the Cluster4kidz Play and Playwork Basic Course. Click Here to register

Treasure Box

Developmental milestones are typical changes that occur for children as they grow from birth throughout childhood. These milestones are reached at different times for different children and may be impacted by developmental disabilities. Research has helped shed light on the developmental milestones that occur for most children within all of the major domains of development, including physical, cognitive, emotional/social, and language/literacy development.
At Treasure Box Early Years Learning Center, we encourage each child to move according to his/her developmental milestone. This process is called Scalffolding.